The Cottage

New England Legacy

You may have noticed that Raven’s Rest does not look like your typical southern home. You might even say it looks a little “New England-y” and you would be right. The original architecture lent itself to cottage vibes and we knew instantly we wanted to honor the patriarch of our family, Grampa Tyler, through this endeavor.

Grampa Tyler was born in Blue Hill, Maine in 1938. He was a scrapper and a prankster, known by just about everyone in the small lobster town. He lied about his age and joined the Navy when he was just 16. He came home to work on lobster and fishing boats, then went on to marry and start a family.

Gramma Tyler wanted warmer weather and Grampa Tyler wanted water so they agreed on Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He bought a marina on Ravenswood Road and named it Ravenswood Marina.

As children, we spent many summers there with free reign to gallivant from sun up to sun down.

Later, Grampa Tyler wanted to return to his roots during the summers and purchased a cabin on the shores of Blue Hill, Maine. He coined it Raven’s Roost. He and our family have made memories too numerous to count in that magical place.

Grampa Tyler has since passed on to bluer waters. However, his legacy lives on within us and, now, with our southern New England cottage, Raven’s Rest. Our hope is our guests have a unique lodging experience unlike any other in South Georgia while soaking in our traditional southern hospitality.